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[Fanfic] i love you, i thank you (for holding me so warmly)


Title: i love you, i thank you (for holding me so warmly)

Pairing: Aiba Masaki x Matsumoto Jun

Rating: G

Genre: Romance, Sports/Olympics AU

Summary: I can live because of this love

Junba as short track and figure skaters


Jun let out a small sigh as he stood before the entrance to the rink. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat queasy at the sound burst of anxiety that hit him. He wasn’t sure what it was he was dreading, but it was enough to make him consider turning back and retreating to his room for the night.

He pushed aside the tension and opened the door, to be greeted by music blasting from the speakers, echoing across the whole rink. He was still pretty early, but he didn’t mind, considering he could probably catch some of Masaki’s new program.

Masaki was still in the middle of running through his practice skate, the slight sound of his skates scraping against the ice accompanying the song.

Jun made his way inside, towards the bleachers, all the while keeping an eye on the man.

Masaki's coach waved at him, and Jun paused on his way up the bleachers to wave at her rather childishly.

"Long time no see," she says goodnaturedly in response. "He'll be done in a bit-” she stops short to call out to Masaki, vaguely gesturing for Jun to continue his way up.

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